Mike Baur Continues to Add to His Impressive Resume

Mike Baur has essentially spent his entire life in finance and investments, or at least his entire professional career. Because of this, his lengthy experience and professional history wouldn’t surprise anyone, it is the level of continued success that is the eye opener. Of course education and working for successful organizations has aided his success, but there are some noteworthy characteristics about Mike Baur.

It isn’t uncommon for people in the professional business world to step right into the activity and take on the responsibilities that come with this business arena straight out of school. Yet Mike Baur continually expanding his knowledge and adding to his portfolio, has continued his education and in 2008 became an MBA received from the University of Rochester. His hunger and drive doesn’t stop with merely education.

An expert in start ups, an entrepreneur, investor and chairman only begin to outline his 20 plus years in business. Just the mere number of accomplishments in such a short period of time reveal the work ethic and obvious love of business and finance that is the engine behind what drives him.

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Most recently after co-founding the Swiss Startup Association, he took the role of Deputy Managing Director for CTI Invest. They only happen to be the leader as a financing platform for high tech start ups. It might also be worth mentioning that he is presently involved in some capacity with five different ventures, from holding a vice presidency, to an acting chairman role and including these most recent endeavors. Some reports may cite that Mike Baur is self employed now, but the more accurate account of his status is the same as it has been for about the last decade, he has become more of a hired gun. Companies have been utilizing his education, experience and expertise for many years to either start, improve or grow their businesses.

Now it is over 20 plus years since he entered the fast paced world of business and finance, and all indications and evidence suggest he is only getting busier, taking on more and continually growing and succeeding in his ever developing career. What is next for Mike Baur is yet to be determined, but if history is any predicator of the future, it won’t be long before that is revealed too.

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