Modern Entertainment Strategies

Pulse evolution, a company dominating the entertainment industry, specializes with creating high impact applications of computer operated and controlled human likeness for the purpose of entertainment, telecommunication and education. The superb idea sprouted in Port St Lucie lead by a few master minds in the world of technology necessarily in the creation of virtual humans. Normal entertainment strategies have obviously been passed obsolete. For that reason, media companies had to come out of the comfort zone and instead create better and exciting projects that would gather a larger and happy audience.

Pulse Evolution’s Executive Chairman, John Textor, is an active participant in the company especially in the studio. Textor is responsible for all possible special projects, right acquisitions, partnerships and relationships concerning the company and other media companies. We would probably call that the rock of Pulse Evolution. Textor’s leadership roles are basically realistic and important considering the fact that the company has been run on a smooth transition to complete success.

Apart from having a great run and title in Pulse Evolution history, Textor is a diverse and successful producer in a number of top fantasy films under famous production film making companies such as Disney. The above mentioned achievements have gathered Textor a number of huge awards in the entertainment industry. Achievements that many in the industry strive to gather and would die for. Textor’s experience, talent and recommendable skills have elevated the company Pulse Evolution into a globally recognized media house recently synchronized with high technology procedures.

Recently, Pulse Evolution opened gates that saw investors interested in putting money in their company in the earliest stages of development of the company. Pulse Evolution incredibly attracted the investors with the introduction of unique digital humans purposed to perform diverse applications. With technology advancements all over the world, this particular idea seemed profitable with little efforts. With the enormous investments in software, assets and entertainment necessities, the company has clearly made huge leaps in terms of profits.

Pulse Evolution picked three iconic stars that would send marked interests globally. Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, all pop stars were back on stage as virtual humans out to entertain just like the real stars rocked on stages. Great ideas picked up and the profits flowed in an impressive less that a year of time range. Pulse Evolution successfully turned their idea into a success and impossibility into a reality.

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