No Jail Time For Missing School

Jail time for students if they miss too many days of school Gov. Greg Abbott is now requiring school districts to discharge preventive measures in regards to unexcused absences. These measures will begin September 1st. According to the reform advocates, threats of up to $500 fines, court cost and a criminal record was not doing anything to keep kids in school. Not only didn’t the law keep kids in school but it was subjecting them to jail time if they could not pay the fines. If a student had 3 unexcused absences in four weeks, they would be charged with a “misdemeanor failure to attend school”. According to Zeca Oliveira, how is this helping a child who is having whatever issue they’re having in getting to school? Sure there are some students who have no good reason for skipping school but we absolutely can’t lump all truant students together. As a person who grew up in a city and neighborhood where a choice sometimes had to be made on whether to go to school or not, sending someone to prison would do more harm than good. When looking at truancy there are other factors involved like sometimes a child not having clothing for school, or having to take on adult responsibilities in their household, having to watch younger siblings, the list is long of reasons why a child may be absent from school. So instead of making the situation more difficult, let’s find out what’s going on with each individual child and speak to their issue!

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