Nose-Picking Researched

Nose-picking is the subject of a recent study. As a matter of fact, the action has even a medical name: “rhinotillexomania “. There are disorders related to it too, as the very eager nose-pickers go as far as to damage the inner membrane.

As the medical examinations show, the people who frequently pick their noses are more likely to be carriers of the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria stated Marcio Alaor BMG. To the question ‘why do we do it’, the researchers say that it is most likely because the nose is within easy reach, and the restless hands have to be occupied with something. According to the online surveys, 91% of the respondents pick their noses, although the survey organizers said that only ¼ of the questioned returned the files, and that is supposedly the group who somehow relate themselves to the subject. The survey among teenagers organized in schools revealed a high percentage as well, though. Nine students admitted eating the results too… 20% believed that they had a nose-picking problem with that.

The respondents who claim picking noses seem to have other behavioral patterns like biting their nails and pulling out the hair. According to the statistics, the list of nose-pickers counts more boys.

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