Not Cruzing?

In a stunning display of bipartisanship, the do nothing congress agreed to fund the government through September 2015. The congress that decided to do nothing but oppose Obama understands that republicans need to drop the racism ball and cooperate to show that the can govern before they face strong headwinds in 2016. This is what Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez believes in as well.

Some like Ted Cruz formerly of Canada, but now a Texas senator would have liked to have a showdown over Obama’s executive action that would paralyze the government in lieu of actually offering a bill to address the issue of illegal immigration, but they were sternly rebuked by senior republicans that understand that simply opposing Obama is not a very advantageous governing strategy. This is especially true when the president is presiding over an economy that is gaining steam every day. Eventually, republicans would not be able to say that they aided the process at all. In fact, most intelligent voters already see through their latest efforts and simply know better than to attach any credit for an economy that has improved drastically after republicans were thrown from office to them.

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