Omar Yunes Achieves Success Within The Food Industry And Is Honored With A Hard Earned Reward

The Best Franchise of the World is a prestigious competition among different franchises. The last competition took place in Florence, Italy and Sushi Itto received the award. The owner of the franchise is Omar Yunes and he began running the Japanese food business when he was 21. He has since expanded to thirteen franchises located in Mexico which is the equivalent of ten percent of all the Sushi Itto franchises. His pride was obvious when he accepted the honor and he believes his employees have as much of a right to the award as he does.

There were 34 countries represented at the ceremony. The basis of the award was how individual franchises effected the network in terms of savings, knowledge, employee motivation, influence, improvements, and contributions. Omar Yunes received first place because of his excellence in management and the control boards he used to track his franchises. He offered his customers exceptional hospitality, professional service, and the perfect flavor. Partially due to Omar Yunes the Mexican franchises are no longer simply regional but are being recognized on an international level.

The award for second place was received by Iván Tamer for his contributions to Prendamex. The marketing system he provided revolutionized the pawn shop’s network. This award also contributed to the status of the Mexican chapter and made substantial contributions to the brand. The Mexican chapter had their own jury consisting of numerous representatives and entrepreneurs.

Omar Yunes is an investor of Mexican heritage and a representative of Sushi Itto. His interest in his business has led to him being honored with several awards. His marketing campaigns are of an aggressive nature and he has a lot of control over the industry of food. Due to the success of his brand 400 workers are employed within his thirteen franchises. His success is due to the way he motivates his employees to help them reach the goals set by the company. Omar Yunes is an excellent leader and has developed an incredibly strong network in his business. His business strategies have propelled his business forward and works well within his structure.

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