Orca Whales Spotted in Vancouver

CTV News has a story on their site today about a pod of Orca whales that have been spotted off the coast of Vancouver.

People at Stanley Park Seawall on Thursday were treated with the sight of the killer whale pod catching prey. The pod, determined to be two adults and two juveniles, were first spotted in Deep Cove before setting off for Burrard Inlet. Those lucky enough to be out on the water kayaking or those walking near the shore got a rare up-close look of the killer whales in their natural habitat.

Marcio Alaor BMG recently visited the Vancouver Aquarium and said that this is the third time in a four-year span that a pod of Orca whales have been spotted in that area. Killer whales are known to eat sea lions, seals, porpoises, and dolphins. Chad Nordstrom, a biologist at the Vancouver Aquarium, said it was most likely that the pod were feasting when they were first spotted in Burrard Inlet. He went on to say that when whales are spotted doing their more acrobatic-like moves that they are chasing their prey.

The pod of Orca whales were monitored by marine biologists on a Vancouver Police boat as they made their way through the inlet.

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