OSI Industries Is A Leader And Safety

OSI Industries was awarded the Globe of Honor in 2016 by the British Safety Council. This award acknowledges organizations that are committed to providing a safe environment. The company continues to display excellence in this area. There have been many reforms made in order to maintain a high standard of quality assurance within the OSI Industries operating procedures. There is a team of safety experts that travel around the world and visit all of the company’s locations. They ensure that every standard is being met to the highest level.

OSI Industries began as a meat market in the early 1900’s. A German immigrant named Otto Kolshowsky founded the company. He called his new organization Otto and Sons and ran it with his family. Otto and Sons became a trusted meat supplier to every food industry business within the Chicago Illinois region. Eventually Otto Kolshowsky’s sons took over the business. In the 1950’s Otto and Sons developed a working relationship with Ray Kroc. This move sprang them into the fast food industry. They began coming up with innovations that would set them apart from other meat suppliers. The meat patty cutting machine catered to hamburger restaurants. Cryogenic freezing chambers allowed Otto and Sons to store large amounts of inventory so that they would be able to provide product to all types of food businesses.

Otto and Sons became known as OSI Industries and continued to spread its influence throughout the meat manufacturing industry. The company has seven plants around the United States and overseas. It supplies several different products including hamburger beef, hot dogs and bacon.

The acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Food Group has allowed OSI Industries to diversify its market share within the food manufacturing industry. Flagship Food Group specializes in different areas of the food industry such as frozen poultry and pies. Baho Foods has been in business for several years. Some executives from the company are looking to take positions at OSI Industries.

OSI Industries was ranked the 58th largest privately owned company by Forbes Magazine in 2016. The company continues to expand by implementing a divers hiring practice. There are recruiting concentrations around the world. This helps the company entertain the talents of all sorts of up-and-coming executives.

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