Paquiao and Maywether are Headed to Court

The “Fight of the Century” marketing label that was placed on the recent Pacquiao-Mayweather bout may turn out to be applicable after cell phone service freedompop reviews all of the hype, now that both boxers are being sued. Pacquiao’s problems are based in failing to disclose that he was actually injured beyond the ability to perform at a professional boxing level, and Mayweather’s problem stems from potentially slandering the mother of his children. However, they both are being accused of talking too much.

Mayweather Suit

It has been well-documented that Mayweather has been in jail on domestic violence charges filed by the mother of three of his children. During an interview last week, Mayweather told reporter Katie Couric that his accuser was on drugs at the time of the charge and that she over-reacted to a spat between the two. Mayweather’s accuser, Josie Harris, reacted again when her legal representative filed a lawsuit this week for defamation, claiming that Mayweather lied to Couric. Mayweather had reported displayed a copy of his check for $200 million after the fight to ESPN reporters.

Pacquiao Suit

Poor little Pacman has his share of legal troubles too, as two viewers who actually paid for a legal pay-per-view connection found out after the fight that Pacquiao may have been injured before the fight and failed to disclose the injury, and there is pre-fight documentation to prove it. Not only did one of Pacquiao’s official crew members fail to acknowledge the injury before the fight, Pacquiao actually discussed it publicly after the fight not realizing it could used as evidence in a civil suit. According to official scoring, the fighter earned $1.4 million for every punch that Mayweather landed.

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