Poll shows Support for the Keystone Pipeline XL Still Strong

Americans continue to exhibit strong support for the Keystone Pipeline XL. The latest CNN/ORC Polls shows that 57% of the public want to see the pipeline built. The measure enjoys bipartisan support across all age groups and political ideologies, but has its strongest support among Republicans at 80% and the elderly (those over age 65) at 67%. Democrat support for the pipeline is at 39%. Millennials (age 18 to 34) are virtually split with 47% in favor. In total, the poll found that opposition to the pipeline is weak at 28%. The poll is sure to boost the GOP’s position that authorization of the pipeline should occur immediately.

President Obama has promised to veto the bill because he says it takes the decision making authority away from him. However, it is actually the State Department’s decision. The president’s remark seems to confirm what critics have charged that for six years the State Department has delayed their authorization at the insistence of the Obama administration. And in more news with your freedompop phones and app you can stay connected in this subject,

Environmentalists loathe the project out of their belief that the use of petroleum feeds an “addiction”. They view anything as benefiting the oil industry as behaving like an enabler to the nation’s terrible oil addiction. They also claim it will worsen global warming. On that point, the State Department has confirmed the pipeline would have minimal impact on the environment. A showdown is headed to the president as the GOP nears passage of the bill. The president will then have to decide whether to make good on his veto threat.

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