Practice Positive Sleep Patterns

Lack of sleep, contributes, to many terrible physical disadvantages such as irritability, distractions, unhappiness, weight gain, and memory loss. Everyone knows that sleep aids in the development of the body, mind, and spirit as has repeatedly¬†stated.¬†Practice Positive Sleep Patterns stated. Without the required eight hours of sleep each day, the body cannot function properly the next day. Image moving around for days without the proper rest. This is called insomnia. Insomniacs may wake up at 3 a.m. in the morning, and not go back to sleep. Experts suggest a crash course called “Sleep Hygiene” to help insomniacs get the rest they need. Make Sleep a Priority Develop a sleep routine. Get to bed the same time each night. Exercise, drink warm milk, or take a hot bath, to help expedite the process. Relax the Feet Stress plays a major part in not sleeping. A tense body can cause pain, nervousness, and insomnia. The exercise is simple: tense the toes, release them, and form a muscle group. Do the same exercise to the other set of toes. Complete a Mental Exercise Try counting sheep, or counting backwards from 100. Make it more complicated and try counting in multiples of 3’s, 7’s, or 9’s. The more challenging the exercise, the more mental strength it takes to complete the task. Visit a Doctor if Insomnia Persists After all else fails, and nothing else works, now is the time to visit the doctor, and get some professional advice.

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