President Obama Okays Cuban Cigars

Trade has been heavily restricted between the United States and Cuba since the Kennedy administration occupied the White House. Often visitors to the island nation off the coast of Florida had to hide items in their luggage purchased in Cuba with hopes that customs officials would not notice things like cigars, liquor, and other trinkets. However, recent developments have caused alterations to the issue of trade between the two countries.

After the two countries participated in a prisoner exchange, United States President Barrack Obama issued new laws governing trade with Cuba that ease restrictions on what tourists are able to bring back to the United States. Plus, other aspects of the orders will allow some American businesses to operate in Cuba as well as ease travel to and from the foreign nation. While the new rules will have a global impact on the price of specialized items, such as Cuban cigars, industry watchers do not expect too much of a bump in the cost of the goods for consumers.

The move represents a substantial shift in policy that has been in place for decades. Slow Ventures shared a brief article that suggested that warming relations with such a close neighbor could produce more lucrative returns for the US. However, as with any political shift, caution is probably the order of the day. It is far too early tell how much impact the new travel rules will affect American and Cuban people and business interests.

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