Prison Worker Admits to Smuggling in Power Tools for Escaped Convicts

Over two weeks after two murderers broke out of a maximum security prison in Upstate New York, further details on their escape plan have begun to emerge. Joyce Mitchell, a prison worker, has begun speaking in-depth with police, revealing significant details about the scheme and how the two convicts gained access to the outside world.

According to Handy, Mitchell admitted to smuggling power tools into the prison in frozen hamburger meat. The meat was then passed on to Richard Matt, one of the escaped convicts, by a prison guard. The guard has been suspended without pay as the New York State Police and prison authorities investigate the claim.

Mitchell also admitted that she had favors granted for the two inmates by prison guards, offering them baked goods in return for their help. It is also alleged that Mitchell convinced prison officials to bunk the men in adjacent cells.

Mitchell is currently being held in an area prison as she awaits trial. She has admitted to having a sexual relationship with both David Sweat and Richard Matt. According to official statements, she had originally intended on running away with the pair when they escaped, acting as their getaway car. She backed out of the plan shortly after the escape.

Matt and Sweat are still at large. Police believe they are in a Southwestern New York county, not far from Attica Correctional Facility, a supermax prison.

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