Purina Celebrates America’s Best Dog Food With Incredibly Touching “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful” Commercial

The creators of America’s super dog-food “Beneful, ” recently launched a compelling marketing campaign “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful.” Purina couldn’t have thought of a better marketing strategy to educate everyone and show compassion for animals. PR Newswire released an official story that gave Beneful fans a sneak peek into what happens every day at the Atlanta-based Purina factory. The campaign focused on enlightenment, which captured a series of interviews. The proud Purina family gave inspirational testaments about feeding their dogs “Beneful.” In light of unfounded allegations voiced against the dog food giant earlier this, Purina isn’t wasting time to put Beneful out there. They’re focused on keeping a positive disposition to dismiss any misconstrued feelings about Purina’s flagship dog-food brand.

Millions of America’s healthiest dogs are eating Beneful meals daily. Purina associates spoke about the selfless act of gratitude put into creating each meal and the delicately supervised processes of making premium-quality, healthy dog food. Each associate addressed the audience in the company of a loveable pet companion. With ranks ranging from production line workers to operations management, everyone’s testimony expressed profound, personal sentiments. The question that everyone’s asking is, why? Purina’s marketing VP (vice president) Juli Plassmeyer shed light on the subject, that the “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful” campaign wasn’t intended for public release. She described the dog formula as being nutritious and safe for all pets. The outcome of the proposal, which started as a motivational effort evoked sincere feelings and inspired a public release.

Purina’s “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful” campaign advertisement appeared in the NY Times (New-York-Times) Sunday issue. It took a full page to cover all the exciting stories shared by Atlanta’s proud Beneful staff. The commercial has received national exposure with Purina releasing multiple versions of “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful” in print, media, and digital advertising. Purina introduced healthful Beneful dog formulas in 2001. Nestlé-Purina PetCare, the parent company focuses on animal nutrition, wellness and health. Read the full PR Newswire version about “I-Stand-Behind-Beneful” right here.

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