QNET Business Model Is Rooted In The Thought: Raise Yourself to Help Mankind

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Gandhi, was the main leader of the Indian independence movement when Britain still ruled India. His words: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” have been repeated for decades. Change is the only constant in life, but most people don’t want to change, and that causes a lot of stress and anxiety. One company is doing something about how we look and react to change.

QNET is changing the way business is done in Asia. QNET believes people are their greatest assets, and because of that philosophy they are the one of the top direct selling companies in Asia. QNET offers business opportunities through their eCommerce platform to people throughout Asia.

The QNET business model helps people start their own business with a minimal overhead. QNET independent representatives are offered the opportunity to raise their standard of living when they follow the company’s philosophy, which is InService and RYTHM.

RHYTHM is the acronym for: Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, and InService is instilling a deep sense of self-worth in others through humility and dedicated service. QNET gives its representatives the education and the tools to achieve financial independence.

QNET is a company rich in ethnic and cultural diversity. The executive team and the employees come from more than 30 different countries. QNET likes to call itself the veritable United Nations of network marketing, and that is true. The current customer base is spread through more than 100 countries and the list keeps growing.

There are several QNET publications, which include the product planner, company profile, and business planner. There is also a QNET Tools App, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, so QNET representatives carry the company’s resources with them wherever they go.

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