Qnet Limited is a Malaysian-based multi-level marketing firm which has looked at the entrepreneurial opportunities that are available in India and therefore it has decided to explore the opportunities by shifting their production there to make India its manufacturing hub.
The CEO of a franchise for Qnet in India, Mr.Suresh Thimiri said that the company plans to produce their items from consumer goods and electronics segments in India. The company is currently manufacturing some of its watches in India and has recently started production of its energy drinks Nutriplus in the country. Mr. Thimiri also said that shifting production to India will give the company a cost benefit of between 8 to 12 percent.
Qnet global CEO Mr. Dave Osh said the company has other plans such as giving a platform to Indians who can discover or develop something unique… Anyone in India, who will have a unique product to offer to the Qnet Company and its customers; and the product passes the quality test will be given the platform to sell the product..Mr. Osh also urged the government of India to address the lack of proper guidelines to the multi-level marketing sector in India.
Qnet welcomed the Indian government’s initiative to amend the laws governing the direct selling business…Qnet has called for setting up a regulator to supervise the company.
Qnet company officials say that revenues from India operations have seen a growth of 100 percent in the last year and are optimistic that it will continue to grow at this pace for quite some time. This is a very positive back up to the economy of India as it will earn revenue and making a profit for a company is very vital as it boost its growth and creation of job opportunities.
Production of Nutri plus energy products in India by Qnet is a boost to health issues.Protein obtained from the products is vital for every cell and fluids in our bodies. It serves as a building block for muscles, cartilage, skin, blood, tissue production and other cellular structures. Protein helps to repair worn out tissues and provide energy for the body to prevent us from fatigue while helping the body fight against illness. Qnet by thinking in that nutritional way is a positive impact on the health of the people as they obtain protein from the energy products the Qnet company produce. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfnSe8xEDrQ

Establishment of Qnet production in India will also create job opportunities to Indians as most of the people will be employed in the company. This means that the living standards of those employees will be improved. The government will also benefit by earning foreign exchange from the Qnet company

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