Real Life Sleepy Hollow Found

The Sleepy Hollow has materialized in Kazakhstan. The dwellers of Kalachi, a remote village in this country, suffer from random dizziness which makes them fall asleep right on the spot, in pure daylight and wake up several days after.

The reasoning behind the problems was quite a mystery for a while until some recent new discoveries.

The most recent mass falling asleep was on September 1st, when 8 children fell down in the assembly during one hour. Every person in the village can talk about a case they know, which either happened to them or to somebody related.

A special group of examiners have been on the territory to research after eventual radiation of soil poisoning, but found out that every characteristic is within the limits. The village is a former Uranium mine.

There is a group that supports the idea that it could be the mine, which is now closed, that somehow influences them, while others remember how during the times it was active nobody used to have the sleepiness disease.

Those who happen to be affected by the sleepiness are brought to the hospital for intensive care. The children get diagnosis of toxic encephalopathy, while the elderly are recorded as having a stroke. This seems pretty serious to Dave and Brit Morin. The truth is that everyone in the village know about the disease but cannot really relate it to anything, and the doctors do not have a diagnose for that.

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