Recognizing the World Around You

Image recognition software is something that a lot of people have only seen in television, or movies. Super spies and law enforcement use it to catch their bad guys all the time. In recent times, the idea of image recognition software has become more mainstream.

Recognition systems have been the primary focus of a lot of artificial intelligence projects. Until recently, the technology had only been able to perform basic tasks, such as identifying a standout object in an image; now, researchers have been able to program the AI to identify scenes. The computer processes the information, and explains the scene in a small blurb.

Artificial intelligence isn’t the only branch of this tech, however. Real world applications of image recognition technology are seemingly endless: finding objects in images and videos, using images as search criteria, counting and measuring applications, and now, shopping.

Slyce, a leading company in the field of image recognition, has partnered with brands like Neiman Marcus to introduce a new application for the software. Take a picture of anything from a barcode, billboard, or an actual item of clothing, and the software will pull up matching items from the corresponding catalog, most of which are available for immediate purchase.

A variety of companies have worked on similar technology, for everything from entertainment and similar shopping apps, to a more research-driven use. One emerging company has even made software that gathers public Instagram data in order to provide traveling guides; combining expression recognition, with geo-tags and background comparisons, Jetpac has been able to create lists like ‘the happiest places in town’, or scenic hiking trails.

Image recognition technology is constantly growing and evolving, these days. As the programming expands, the world can expect their favorite apps, websites, and stores to become smarter, and more in tune with what they want.

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