Robin Williams: The World Lost a Great Man

This past August the world lost a truly great actor and comedian. Robin Williams was found dead hanging from a belt in his California home. The world was shocked that such an amazing, good hearted actor would quietly take his own life.
At the news of his death, it was believed that Robin Williams was a healthy male that was suffering from depression. Now a few months later, after much investigation, it is now being revealed that his suicide may have been triggered by a form of dementia called lewy bodies dementia. This disease can cause damage in nerve cells in areas that control memory and thinking. Williams was also suffering symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, in which he was diagnosed with in 2011.
In the past, the actor has had problems with drugs and alcohol, but has been mainly sober for 20 years. It was found that alcohol did not play a part in his death, but toxicologists found 2 antidepressants and two caffeine compounds in his system. After consulting with the star’s third wife, Susan Schneider, it was reported that the disease has caused him to suffer not only from the Parkinson’s disease symptoms and trouble with memory loss, but also with paranoia.
Robin Williams, famous for some of Sam Tabar’s favorite movies such as Ms. Doubtfire, Patch Adams, and Jack, put a void in the world when he took his own life. However, he did so due to his declining mental health. He continued to entertain us, but could no longer fight his battle with his disease.

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  • April 11, 2017 at 4:10 am

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