Sam Tabar Gives Advice About Paying Off Debt

Many people know Sam Tabar as the financial expert who often gives advise about money market accounts, investment banking, and the legal ramifications of investing. Tamar has become quite famous for traveling the world speaking about his area of expertise. What many people don’t know about Sam Tabar, however, is that he holds two degrees from the prestigious schools Oxford College and Columbia Law School. Tamar has studied for years to become an expert in the financial industry and he now provides a service to the general public by sharing information with them that it has taken him years to learn. Recently, he gave a speech to an audience on the subject of paying back debt before becoming an investor. Tamar stated that the speech was written because he desired to help people to become financial independent and to learn how to become great investors. His audience consisted of about 500 eager listeners.

During his talk to the excited group, Sam Tabar had several reasons that people should pay off their individual debt before investing and then listed several ways to get started in the investment field. Tamar mentioned that it was important to pay down one’s personal debt before investing because paying down personal debt will create the ability for the individual to free up money for investing. Paying down the debt would also create a financial situation where the individual is financially secure before investing and feels comfortable with the investment. Tabar recommended paying off as much debt as possible, including student loan debt, revolving debt, and debt from home loans. He especially emphasized paying down home loans due to the fact that investing before homes are paid off could potentially endanger the safety of the home. After paying the home loan, individuals would feel more secure about investing in general.

Sam Tabar also discussed several strategies that his listeners could use to effectively pay down their debt. He stated that by paying down debt consistently over a course of years, rather than sporadically when the individual receives large sums of money, has proven to be the best way to eradicate debt.  Follow him on Twitter for more @samirtabar, and be sure to check out his GoFundMe campaign to see what Sam is doing for Africa.

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