Sanjay Shah Fights Against Autism.

Solo capital is a well-known international boutique financial services company. It is currently based in London, and it is regulated by rules from the United Kingdom. The company was incorporated 5years ago in 2011. Since then, the organization uses two names: Solo Capital UK, and Solo Capital Limited. The main aim of the company is consulting, proprietary trading and professional sports investment.

Solo capital is under the management of Solo group, and it’s led by Mr. Sanjay Shah, the CEO, and founder. Shah is also the owner of Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks deals with children suffering from autism. He started the organization after going through a traumatizing experience with his now 4-year-old son who had the condition. The organization has been very instrumental in getting funds to help in autism research and treatment.

For over 10 years, the CEO of Solo capital has been giving donations to help children staying in India. He has been giving his donation in a program called Plan International. He would send the funds to the children each month. He has decided to retire early, and his offices are in London. Shah is 43 years old. According to Shah, giving money was the only thing he could do to the children.

Shah was brought up in a very good environment. His parents were based in Kenya, but they relocated and stayed in London. They were stable enough to give him a good life, and this means that he never experienced hardships when growing up like many children in India. He was taken to a good university where he studied medicine. He, however, didn’t like being a doctor, so he chose to abandon that career, becoming an accountant. He was successful in his new career, but he lost his job after the crisis in 2009.

After the crisis, Shah decided to start his own company, and that’s how he great emperor was started. In just a short time, he has accumulated a lot of wealth, and he is currently worth $280 million. His companies are all over the world, and he retired early to take care of his family.

In 2011, Shah’s son was taken to the hospital because of excess vomiting. He had to spend a lot of time in hospital in the drip, and the doctors couldn’t identify his problem. He was finally diagnosed with the serious medical condition. Because Shah had resources, his son was attended well. Other kids from needy parents do not have this opportunity, and that’s why he has decided to help. His foundation organizes concerts to help raise funds for research, and his charity is only given to the autism foundations. He wants all kids with the condition to have a good life.

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