Securus Creates A Better Calling Network For Us All

I have family spread out all over the country that I am having a very hard time keeping in touch with because we are so far apart. We have family in jail who need us to talk to them, and these people will not do very well if no one is talking to them at all. They need to know that we are here on the outside and ready to help them. I know that it sounds like a crusade, but Securus has been great for us as a family. They have a family calling in from all over the place, and it helps us to see our family members.


Securus has been sending people in to do video and audio installations, and they are doing it on a level that most people cannot do it on. The whole plan is to make video calling available in every jail, but they have to have the best installers do that work for them. The work that is done puts a video camera and an audio system in every jail where people can sit down and talked to loved ones like we are. We are trying to keep the family together, and that is why I believe in this platform so much.


I know that a lot of people have not heard of Securus before, but I think that they are doing the right thing. They are taking their calling system which is already revolutionary and making it available to everyone. We have apps on our phones for this, and we are using it every day to check in with family. I am struggling to keep this family together, but I think that it is working. We know that everyone who is apart from us right now is not forgotten because of Securus.


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