Shea Butter is Essential For Your Body

Shea butter, a triglyceride extracted from the nut of the shea tree, is a commonly used ingredient in cosmetics such as lotion or moisturizer. Shea butter is also edible and used in food preparation, although its use as an ingredient for consumption is limited outside of Africa. Due to its vitamin E and A content, it is extremely effective at treating dry skin and mitigating the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Shea butter additionally has mild sun-blocking properties and may be present in soaps and salves.

EuGenia offers high quality shea butter that has been produced ethically and responsibly. Named for Eugenia Akuete, the founder’s mother, the company has sourced shea from Ghanian farmers from the beginning. To this day, Eugenia personally oversees the coalition of farmers and harvesters responsible for the shea used by the company, providing many women with steady employment and an above average wage.

This commitment to quality spans far beyond employment standards, and is reflected in EuGenia’s products themselves. All shea used by the company is derived from a formula personally developed by Eugenia and is entirely natural with no chemical or additives. It is sourced in the north of Ghana, a region that is especially fertile and accommodating for shea trees. Harvesters have been trained to effectively test the shea’s quality regularly and rigorously to assure that only the best is produced for inclusion in EuGenia’s line of cosmetics. These include butters with varying concentrations of shea (ranging from an everyday butter to a formula produced for especially dry or damaged skin, depending on the buyer’s need) in multiple fragrances, such as lavender and grapefruit.

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