Skout-More Than Just Another Social Network or Travel Site

It can seem as if new social network sites appear every day, all of which claim to be better and more forward-thinking than their competitors. Unfortunately, many of those sites fail to live up to their promises, year after year. The good news is that Skout has met two on-going needs of their users. For the discriminating and curious traveler, it is an ideal choice. Skout combines the ability for people from different life situations and countries to form new relationships online with the possibility of actually being able to travel to new locations where the new friends live.

What Is Skout?

Visits start out as virtual trips, including videos, photographs and conversations. If visitors have the interest and inclination to meet with their new friends in the new area, as more than 10 million people have in recent years, plans are made accordingly.

What Sets Skout Apart From Other Social Media And Travel Sites?

Skout is unique because it removes the need for professional tour guides, overpriced travel agencies and crowded tourist traps for visitors to a new area. Instead, users are provided with the opportunity to make friends and join conversations with people with whom they share common interests, in areas they would like to visit.

In the interest of encouraging friendship and communication with new people, Skout even established another holiday. They recently decided that from now on, Feb 4 of each year will be International Online Friend Day.

Where Are Users Of Skout From?

It is important to note that Skout users currently reside in 180 countries. Although traveling to the areas where new friends and acquaintances reside was not the primary goal of the Skout creators, it is one that has taken off very well in recent years. In addition, the Skout App for your phone or mobile uses GPS technology, which can minimize the possibility of someone not being where they say they are.

How Are Users Protected?

As with any other time that new discussions or friendships are started online, it is crucial to protect your own information. Skout goes one step ahead of that and also helps their users protect their privacy. One example of how that is done is that Skout users are prohibited from taking nude or nearly nude photographs of themselves in the bathroom.

That ban includes the numerous celebrities who use Skout, although obviously it would not be wise to expect celebrities to join in on the casual traveling experiences that typical users enjoy. Another example is that all users must be at least 18 years of age, so there is no feat of accidentally making friends with an underage person.

In conclusion, Skout meets the specific needs of adults with an interest in making friends in new areas and who would like the opportunity to visit new places. Although Skout is still relatively new, it will be exciting to see what kind of changes occur to the way that social media is used as a result of Skout’s ingenuity.

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