Some tips from Staus Labs about decontaminate your google search

Darius Fisher who is the creator of Status Labs told Observer some tips on how to decontaminate when you search your name on Google. The tips he gave seem simple to do.

Tip One is to sign out of the Google browser and to get rid of the sites you have seen. This way you can see what other people see instead of an individual search.
Tip Two is to examine the search results. If there is anything unfavorable, you should see if you can abolish it. You can also change the security settings so those things won’t be shown in the results. If you can’t abolish it, you can find out other ways for people to see the bad things. Tip Three is to design new results by making a blog, having a bio on social media sites like Twitter, or having a website of you own by purchasing a domain name. Even having a resume site would even work. Tip Four is to abolish all personal information from data brokers like WhitePages, PeopleSmart, and Spokeo. Sometimes the personal information won’t be abolished forever so you should keep watching those sites. Tip Five is to get in touch with the people who controls the sites to get the bad things to be removed.

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. The company was started by Darius Fisher in 2013. Their main office is in Austin Texas. They have other offices in New York and São Paulo. They have eleven to 50 workers. Status Labs’ main goal is to make people look good on the internet. They offer services of search engine optimization (SEO), permanent link removal, Google search management, content creation, public relations, and crisis management.

Status Labs have 1500 customers that are in thirty five different counties. Most of those customers are Fortune 500 individuals and companies.

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