Supergirl Steers Clear of D.C. Cinematic Universe

Even though the pilot episode for the Supergirl television series has leaked online, there are still a lot of details about the series yet to be revealed. In July, D.C. Entertainment is going to be showcasing clips from the CBS series at the San Diego Comic-Con. At that point, a lot will be learned about the program. Right now, fans are thrilled some interesting facts are coming out. Specifically, we are learning about the timeline associated with the series. Does Supergirl fit into the timeline of the D.C. Cinematic Universe? The short answer is no. Just like with the television versions of The Flash and Arrow, the CBS program is removed from the motion picture endeavors.

Why is Supergirl stepping far, far away from the timeline and events of the cinematic Man of Steel? Perhaps the television producers want to make Supergirl extremely distinct from any version of Superman. In doing so, the series maintains its own identity. Comparisons between a modestly budgeted television series and $150 million theatrical spectacle definitely should be avoided.

Supergirl should never look like a “second-rate version” of the original. For Supergirl or, for that matter, Superboy, to succeed, the character has to stand out of the shadow of any incarnation of Superman.

Confusion is not helpful to audiences such as Jaime Garcia Dias either. If the television series is playing off events taking place in the theaters, not everyone sitting at home watching knows what occurred in the movies. Confused viewers eventually tune out. Obviously, CBS and D.C. Entertainment don’t want to see the audience of Supergirl diminish.

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