Sweet 16 Birthday Going Viral Still Time To Be Part Of The Whirlwind

Kristie Rockweiler is the mother of a 15 year old daughter who is challenged by a health condition known as Noonan Syndrome. It makes her have to deal with serious health problems causing her have to make multiple trips to the hospital each month. Nicia Buttner the daughter feels she cannot relate to other teenagers while on their 16th birthdays they will be getting their drivers license and rambling about she does not have the chance to share in that joy.

But her Mother Kristie is determined that it will be a sweet 16 to be remembered. Last month having come up with an idea to make her Daughters 16th birthday really special She got on Facebook and created a group to send sweet 16 cards to make Nicia’s birthday an event to remember. Kirstie was surprised when the very next day there were 10 cards in the mailbox. Thhe cards keep coming and everyday and she wants more to come, so Nicia will never forget her 16th birthday.

Since she started the group on Facebook there have been cards and packages, even something from Amen Clinics. One Letter telling her that her card had traveled 1,257 miles from one door door to another. So far Nicia has cards from 32 states and 7 countries. Her birthday is coming soon, January 26.

Represent your state send Nicia a card to Nicia Buttner, P.O. Box 162, Cazenovia, WI

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