The Achievements Of Clay Siegall In Cancer Therapy

A number of companies are working in the field of cancer research. One such company is Seattle Genetics. It is a highly innovative company that is apparent through the vision of its CEO, Clay Siegall. Hence the company continues making advancements in this cancer therapy. This is why the stock price of Seattle Genetics has nearly tripled in the past five years.

The CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall is quite passionate about making improvements in the lives of cancer patients. He has been the chief executive officer of this company since 2002. He founded this company in 1998. Since then, he has led this company to make great advancements in cancer research. The company has achieved innovative therapies for cancer patients.

Clay Siegall has a Ph.D. in Genetics. This he achieved from George Washington University. He has a lot of professional accomplishments. His career began as a Senior Research Investigator. This was at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Over here, he was promoted and became the Principal Scientist. Next, he became a Staff Fellow as well as Biotechnology Fellow. This was at the National Cancer Institute. This was when Clay Siegall launched Seattle Genetics.

He has always been committed towards important research. He implements the latest resources in his research developments. This is because Clay Siegall always has a desire to help cancer patients. He is keen to alleviate their suffering in whatever way he can. It is this passion that has helped Clay Siegall to take his company to great heights in research advancements.

Clay Siegall is known to be a leader in this field of discovering new cancer therapies. Due to his exemplary leadership skills, he has been able to fundraise over $1.2 billion for Seattle Genetics. This is from public and private funding. With this infusion of capital into Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall has been able to continue advancing in his cancer treatments by using innovative technology.

In recognition of all these contributions made by Clay Siegall in the scientific as well as medical communities, Clay Siegall received the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math as well as Natural Sciences. This was in 2013.

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