The Amazing Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has been very success as an entrepreneur in the technology world. His name is known worldwide withing the tech community. Right from 4th grade, Eric Pulier has been mastering his skills on the computer. As early as high school, Pulier was creating his first computer based companies. During high school, Pulier created a database computer company. This is what led him to believe that he really had a future in computer technology. Pulier enrolled at Harvard in 1984 and graduated magna cum lade in 1988. This was the beginning of his amazing career as not only an entrepreneur but a writer as well.

People Doing Things was Pulier’s first large business venture. This business was started in LA in 1991. This company addressed technology needs in the healthcare industry, educational industry, and more. This company grew very steadily until they finally merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998. Pulier has since created many other businesses that continue to thrive today.

Pulier has been very active in the world of philanthropy as well. One of the main causes that Pulier is invested in is children with illnesses. The future looks very bright for Pulier as he continues to develop new software that will help the lives of many throughout the world. It will be very interseting to see what Pulier is up to in the next few years. Pulier’s legacy is bound to be one that will be rememberd for many decades after he is gone. The philanthropic contributions and software programs that Pulier has contributed to society are greater than he may have ever even imagined.

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