The Atlanta Hawks: Who is Bruce Levenson?

Behind the NBA giant the Atlanta Hawks is Bruce Levenson the controlling owner an American businessman who despite holding stakes in a number of companies the Atlanta Hawks comes out as arguably the most prized of his possessions. Formerly Atlanta Hawks LLC, the basketball team has proved to be a power house in the basketball scene in the US and consequently a worthy investment for Bruce Levenson.

Born in Washington DC Levenson attended school in Maryland where he grew up and pursued a career in Law at American University, however while studying law he began journalism as a career working for the Washington Star. From his work with the Washington Star, Levenson started United Communications Group, (UCG) with Es Pekowitz in 1977 which published news on the oil industry. Though the Atlanta Hawks is usually associated with Bruce Levenson Es Pekowitz is currently a co-owner of the club. The early partnership between the two grew and together with a group of other investors and businessmen the two are partners of Atlanta Hawks LLC which owns and runs the Atlanta Hawks and Phillips Arena.

Bruce Levenson’s net worth is estimated at $500 million and though a huge chunk of this is from The Hawks, he has some significant holdings in other business ventures including being a founding member of Tech Target a media technology company providing an online platform for technology developers and buyers of software, UCG also owns GasBuddy an app that is used by drivers to locate low price gas stations within their locality. In addition to this his early publishing career has led to his service on the board of directors at Newsletter and Electronic Publishers’ Association. These ventures and many others have spearheaded his rise as an entrepreneur and also the growth of the Atlanta Hawks

As a successful entrepreneur Bruce Levenson has been on the forefront in giving back to society through his numerous acts. As an active philanthropist he has served as the president of the `I have a Dream Foundation’ in Washington DC which is geared towards giving children from low income families a chance at good quality higher education.As a Jew he is also known for being among those Americans who sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister with the plea for co-operation with the then US secretary of state John Kerry to foster a suitable environment for resolution of Israel’s security crisis Donations from the Atlanta Hawks to support the youth and identify young talent have gone a long way in the upbringing of superstars in the court. In the same spirit he has made contributions to the Community Foundation of Washington DC to continue to uplift the society of his hometown.

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