The Best Nicolas Cage Movies


Throughout his 30+ years in the film industry, Nicolas Cage has starred in some pretty good movies. This is evident when you add the fact that he has won a few academy awards. But like all actors, there are also some not so good Nicolas Cage movies. But for all intensive purposes, we will cover two good movies that he has made over the years.


Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas is without a doubt one of Nicolas Cage’s best films of all time. How can it not be, when he has an Oscar to prove it? Prior to filming Cage literally, binge drank to prepare for his role. He had a close friend take video of him drinking and did this so he could hear himself to know what he sounded like while drunk.


Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call—New Orleans

Nicolas Cage has proved many times that he can be “out there” when it comes to his film roles. But when you add a notorious German filmmaker by the name of Werner Herzog, it is only a matter of time before interesting things start to happen. In Bad Lieutenant, Cage portrays a police detective who has become both corrupt and manic after experiencing Hurricane Katrina. Cage, again, gives his all in his role. Although Cage seems to be over doing it in the film, his character actions are what one would expect given the situation. What else would you expect to see from a character who is to look very sweaty, pasty and emaciated?

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