The Best of Saturday’s Heroes


Every Anime fan has their own answer to the commonly asked question “Who is the best Anime hero?”. In fact, if you asked this question at a place such as Comic Con you may find yourself in the middle of a very heated and long winded debate. However, there are ways to determine popularity without such squabbles. So, without further adieu let’s dive in to this wonderfully complex and colorful topic.

There are those that will disagree with this, but at the very top of this list goes one of the most popular manga/anime series/anime movie heroes of all time. That’s right. I’m talking about one of the best known male anime characters the medium has ever seen, Son Goku from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and the newest Dragon Ball Super. No matter who your favorite Anime star is, you have to give it up to this lovable alien ball of honor, gluttony and destruction. From his unruly hair styles to his Kamehameha, Goku has over fifteen video games and movies with his likeness at the forefront of fun.

Now, of course we get to Naruto; who is at least the second most popular Ninja on the planet. Though he doesn’t strive for something as big as saving the world, the little guy with the cat whiskers and the squiggly mark on his bandanna still has high hopes of being a village leader.

One thing all Anime fans can agree on. Weather you’re a fan of DBZ or Naruto, anime ninjas rule…especially on Saturday mornings in the nineties.

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