The Career Achievements of Alexei Beltyukov

Alexei Beltyukov is a business man and a philanthropist. He holds the position of the Chief Operating Officer at Solvy. He is a managing partner at A-Ventures Company and the chief executive officer of New Gas Technologies. In addition, he is the chairman and founder of Mechanicus besides serving as the counselor to the president of the Skolkovo foundation.

Before venturing into the business world, Alexei was a doctor in a provincial hospital. Despite having a career in the medicine world, Beltyukov was interested in the business world. He came across an INSEAD Business School advertisement from the Izvesia magazine and decided to fill out an application for an MBA degree. His application was successful but he was unable to raise the required fee for the MBA program.

His stroke of luck appeared when the Lister Vickery foundation was looking for recipients of scholarships. He was selected and became the very first recipient of the foundation and was able to join INSEAD. He received his post graduate degree in Business Administration in 1997. He jumped straight into the business world and in 2006; he successfully founded New Gas Technologies and A-Ventures. Later in 2013, he founded Endemic Capital then later added a conglomerate of auto repair shops called Mechanicus.

Alexei attributes all his success to INSEAD Business School. The campus is located in Fontainbleau; Russia.The institution focuses on global knowledge and tolerance of the diverse cultures. Students are able to achieve global success and equal learning opportunities regardless of their origin or cultural beliefs. Over the years, the alumnus of the school has donated funds to enable INSEAD to open up two more campuses. He has never forgotten to give back to the society. He has been particularly involved in ensuring that more Russians enroll at the INSEAD School of Business.

Yahoo Finance suggests that the financial aid and scholarship that Alexei received from the Lister Foundation inspired him to start a foundation aimed at helping students get scholarships. He formed a group with his wife, OLesia Chikunova and some former classmates. The foundation is called Russian Alumni Scholarship and it helps needy Russian students to be able to access the highest quality of education that they desire. The team donated $150k as a startup for the foundation to take root.

The philanthropist uses his company Endemic Capital to help entrepreneurs start up businesses. He understands that for first time business owners, capital can be quite a challenge. He therefore offers capital and suggests different ways on how the entrepreneur can maximize and make profits. He organizes workshops and training where he helps people understand how business works. He has been known to offer internship opportunities to students who he supports financially. His businesses have seen him chair different boards owing to his immense experiences that he has gained in business.

Alexei believes that helping others is a good way to create new and better opportunities for the future entrepreneurs. His passion for education enabled him to create Solvy.Com a platform that enables teachers and students to engage and interact with the view to enhancing students comprehension of math.

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