The Controversy of Rebel Wilson’s Name and Age

Is it really that big of deal of shave years off your age, and reinvent your history to be successful in Hollywood? Apparently, Yes, you do need to fudge your life story in order to move ahead.

Recently, Rebel Wilson has become a source of controversy over her name, age, and a lot of her background story.

Wilson is best known for her role in Pitch Perfect 1 and 2, but recently a former schoolmate outed her real age and name, which precipitated journalists to dig a little deeper.

Although the actress claimed her real name was Rebel, turns out her birth name is Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. Did she lie about her name? Depends on how you look at it. People change their name all the time and when they do, they consider their new moniker the real name.

Business records were searched in the Australian Securities and Investment Commission that record Rebel’s birthdate as March 2, 1980, not not February 3, 1986 as claimed by Wilson.

InsiderMonkey even said that’s not so shocking, since many celebrities typically change their birthdate to appear younger.

Wilson has also claimed that she grew up an Australian ghetto, when in fact, she lived in Castle Hill, a upper class area of Australia, and attended Tara Anglican School, which is even more privileged than you think.

In recent days, Wilson has done her best to nonchalantly cover up this controversy with her comedy, but the tabloids won’t let it go. Headlines that yell out “Old As Hell” certainly explain why a celebrity would shave a few years off their age.

If you’ve seen Rebel Wilson in Pitch 1 or 2, and enjoyed her comedy, does her name, age, and background really matter?

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