The Creation of Organo Gold

It all began in 2008 when, for the first time, the majority of consumers were starting to inspect the ingredients in their food so they could begin making healthier decisions for themselves and their families. One of the few “food” products to escape this scrutiny was something most people consume without ever giving it a second thought, their morning cup of coffee. Around this same time veteran marketing agent, Bernardo Chua, decided he needed to bring the health benefits of the mushroom ganoderma into the mainstream. After talking to Shane Morand,Chua discovered he could be the one to not only bring great tasting coffee to the world but also finally make that cup of joe beneficial to your health by combining it with this mushroom. Due to his Chinese heritage, Bernardo had been familiar with the health benefits of ganoderma for years and he was able to successfully combine it with not only coffee but teas and other products as well.
In order to successfully market the ganoderma to the Western world, Chua had to develop a business model that would ensure the most amount of people would be able to enjoy the benefits of these coffees and teas. With this thought process, Organo Gold was created as a direct selling company. Based out of Canada, they have over one million distributors working with and for them and they are listed as the 55th largest direct selling company in the world. A main focus of Organo Gold has always been education and the importance of educating both the distributors and consumers on the benefits of their products. They also heavily focus on educating themselves and staying ahead of the competitors by constantly researching and learning more about what products work well in conjunction with the ganoderma.
As a direct selling company, Organo Gold not only offers great products to consumers, but it also offers job opportunities to those looking for a career that is flexible with their schedule. One can either work for Organo Gold and just sell the products directly to the consumers or you can recruit people to help you sell. The great thing about these products are that the results speak for themselves and many customers will become repeat buyers.

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