The Forefront Capital Group and Bradley Reifler Are Getting Great Returns

The best way to learn all about investing is to come up through the ranks. That’s exactly what Brad Reifler, the current CEO of Forefront Capital did. He worked a variety of jobs in trading until he eventually learned enough to start his own firm. He’s done that several times now, with ForeFront being the latest company he has founded. During his three decades working with investors and making investments, Reifler has learned the key principles that ensure a great investment. He’s putting all those elements together every day with his new product, the Forefront Income Trust.

Reifler realized that mid-range investors who make up the vast majority of stock market participants don’t generally have access to solid, income-producing alternative assets. That’s the reason he launched the Forefront Income Trust. The product is designed to fill that gap so that retail investors are able to invest in a fund that can return 8% annually. Management at Forefront will not even take a fee until an 8% net gain has been achieved. That should help the investor see a positive return. Any money that can be put in the hands of the investor instead of going to administrative fees is going to help net a larger return over time.

Reifler has worked at several large firms during his career. He was the founder and CEO of Pali Capital, which did over $200 million in profit during their best year. During his time running investment companies he’s managed to build a large network of people who he tapped to work with him at Forefront. Surrounded by experienced staff, Reifler has been in a great position to come up with awesome new ideas like the Forefront Income Trust hedge fund. Alternative assets are very popular these days, and the market seems ready for more.

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