The Houston Real Estate Market Does Not Affect Haidar Barbouti

The opulence of the luxury shopping complex at Houston’s Highland Village is something that has been built on the back of the dirt and grime of the oil industry in this area of Texas. As the 21st century progresses the owner of the Highland Village complex, Haidar Barbouti is pushing forward with his plans to create a complete leisure complex that can fulfill all the needs and desires of his high end clients. Barbouti keeps a tight grip on the complex and acts as the leasing agent for the shopping side of the buildings as he also looks to introduce new eateries and stores that reflect what he sees as his own vision for Highland Village.

As Haidar Barbouti extends his reach into many of the top designer brands in thne shopping complex ans introduces his new restaurant, Up, the real estate markets of Houston are facing their first challenges in a number of years. The confidence shown by Barbouti and his fellow entrepreneurs across Houston is that the current dip in sales and excess of office space is merely a blip that will move along soon for normal service to be resumed. In recent months the number of office spaces available for subletting has grown substantially as increasing areas of office space go spare with the growth of the business side of oil and energy production seems to have outstripped the level of production available. This comes at a time when the price of oil has also plateaued to sit at a constant figure without the usual summer rise in price.

Residential sales have also fallen as the number of available jobs in the Houston area has risen, but at a slower rate than in previous years. Despite this the growth of the city is remaining consistent with Haidar Barbouti and his fellow entrepreneurs confident the wealth of Houston will remain high in the years to come. It is important to remember that the fall in home sales seen over recent years comes after the area underwent an unprecedented record breaking month at the start of the summer with more homes sold than ever before. The issues in the oil industry appear to be being worked through as the main hub of Houston begins to get back into the swing of production with the price of oil more fixed than at other times in history. However, Houston may yet have to grasp the fact that the world is changing and the forms of energy used will also have to change as the world faces up to its future.

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