The Human Rights Foundation And Their Fight For All

The Human Rights Foundation, founded in 2005 by Thor Halvorssen, is a non-profit organization strictly devoted to the protection and promotion of human rights on a global scale. The organization, with its main offices in New York City, defends its ideals on those represented by the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, strictly meaning that any human on the planet has the right to do, say, worship and be whoever they wish without anyone saying otherwise.

The HRF relies on donations from organizations and individuals that share the same principles. In a majority, the foundation does publish and release the names of those who donate. They also stick to not making anyone’s name or organization public, should those entities be fearful of others learning that information. The financial statements of the HRF are on their website,

The Board of Directors of the HRF are all people who share the same ideals that all serve on a pro bono basis. Such people on the board are leaders, political activists and former prisoners like Kenneth Anderson and Diego Arria.

The founder of the HRF, Thor Halvorssen, was born Thor Halvorssen Mendoza in Venezuela in 1976. He attended the University of Pennsylvania with undergraduate and graduate degrees in History and Political Science. His mother is a distant relative to Venezuela’s first two presidents and was shot during a political protest, which led to his founding the HRF. Halvorssen’s father served as an ambassador for the anti-narcotic affairs of Venezuela. Halvorssen is a film producer and has contributed to being an advocate for public policy and civil liberties. He is also the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, which has been described by most as a “gathering of human rights heroes” such as Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

Thor Halvorssen has also produced films on the ongoing strife of human rights such as “Sugar Babies”, a depiction of the Dominican Republic’s violation of children’s basic human rights by forcing them to work on sugar farms. “Sugar Babies” caught the attention of Amnesty International as well as an acclaimed award at the Delray Beach Film Festival. The films he has produced and the work the Human Rights Foundation has committed themselves to have earned Thor Halvorssen recognition for bringing the importance of basic human rights to the forefront on a global scale.

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