The Influence of Charles Koch

Charles Koch is an American businessman and entrepreneur who is proud of his success with his family business, Koch Industries. Koch Industries is one of the largest privately owned businesses that specializes in oil refining. Charles Koch’s business is responsible for providing the necessary materials for several popular products. In recent news, Charles Koch has been an influential individual within the world of politics. Charles Koch has labeled himself as a classical liberal which means that he is a strong-supporter of the free market that is provided through the government. Charles Koch has donated to several institutions for the purpose of campaigning for his position for the free market.

Charles Koch is a well-known Republican supporter. However, in recent news, Charles Koch has stated that he agrees with Bernie Sanders, Socialist and candidate for the democratic party for the 2016 presidential election. Though the two disagree on the free market, both are strong supporters in the movement to reform the United States’ legal, political, as well as economic system. Though these two powerful individuals agree on this issue, they do disagree on how this would be accomplished.

Charles Koch is a believer that the power within the United States should not belong to a selected few based upon money. Charles Koch is a firm believer in the idea that the power belongs to all individuals to make the decisions. Charles Koch has also expressed his belief that many corporations seek out to only benefit their company at the expense of the citizens.

Despite the rare agreement between the two, Charles Koch is against Bernie Sander’s belief that it is the role of the government to regulate the businesses. As a supporter of the free market, Charles Koch knows that government intervention will only exacerbate the problem. Charles Koch understands that there is a cycle of control and that the government cannot give equal control and benefits to all individuals as this will create even more problems. Charles Koch has continued to state that providing welfare, medicare, and all other aids only encourages individuals to work less because free items are already given to them.

Charles Koch and his brother David, have funded several organizations that are supporters of the free market. Some of these institutions include the department of economics at George Mason University as well as several think tanks. Mr. Koch understands the market and understands that government intervention is not the answer to reforming the flawed systems.

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