The Kabbalah Center Kabbalah University Program

The Kabbalah Center is a not-for-profit organization located in Los Angeles. It opened its doors in Los Angeles, after two decades in New York City.

The Kabbalah Center is dedicated to providing courses and other resources for individuals interested in the Kabbalist practices and traditions. Part of the Kabbalah Center’s programming is what is known as Kabbalah University. The Kabbalah University provides a person interested in learning more about Kabbalah with a wide range of learning experiences.

The Kabbalah University has thousands of hours of Kabbalist video instruction. These are accessible to people who want to embark on a course of study for a low monthly subscription fee. Visit

In addition, the Kabbalah Center has about 50 branch locations around the world in operation at this time. The teachings and other resources of Kabbalah University are now available through all of the these centers as well. This includes locations in large metro areas that include New York City, Toronto, London, as well as the main center in Los Angeles.

Finally, the teachings and resources of Kabbalah University are now accessible through hundreds of Kabbalah Center study groups that are in action all across the globe. A person interested in becoming a part of a Kabbalah Center student group can find information about locations at the organization’s website

Through its unique programming, like Kabbalah University, the Kabbalah Center is taking a bit a different approach to allowing people access to the study of Kabbalah. Historically, there existed some fairly stiff requirements governing who could study Kabbalah. For example, a person nearly always needed to be male, over the age of 40, and with a background in Hebrew and Jewish texts of different types. These requirements do not exist when it comes to studying these ancient teachings with the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center and its branch locations.


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