The Man behind Michael Jackson’s “Resurrection”

John Textor is a California based Entrepreneur and the Executive Chairman of the digital production company called Pulse Evolution Corporation. Prior to Mr. Textor’s current position, he was Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain Productions and Chairman and CEO of its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. Textor lead to the companies acquisition and restructuring from May 2006 to August 2012. The combining companies visually contributed in effects to more than 80 large scale feature films. 25 of these films were created under Textor’s leadership. “Transformers”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “Tron Legacy”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, etc. are just a few of the big name films featuring Textor and his team’s work. During Textor’s leadership, Digital Domain also became

– a market leader in visual effects
– the winner of multiple academy awards
– the winner of the Clio advertising award
– the first company to create a believable digital human character in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

The Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects received due to this achievement was considered the ‘Holy Grail of Animation’, and the digital actors performance was so convincing they won the Academy Award for best makeup despite being entirely animated.

Recently, Textor and his team contrived one of the most groundbreaking spectacles to date in the form of a holographic projection of the late Michael Jackson. The show took place during the 2014 billboard music awards where a 1991 version of Michael was projected down from the ceiling through a transparent surface where the Pop King took an upright realistic digital form. Michael’s image performed the hit “Slave to the Rhythm” with his digital background dancers and live dancers accompanying the number. The performance received a standing ovation and Pulse Evolution had reached a breakthrough in the Entertainment Industry.

This was a site for sure, but Pulse first debuted its miraculous technology back in 2012 with a live action resurrection of Tupac Shakur next to Snoop Dog during the Coachella music festival. This eventually blazed the trail towards their Michael Jackson Billboard music award show.

Now, many venues have approached Textor for a full on concert, considering the concept of a Late Legends tour. Some candidates for the idea are Elvis, Bob Marley, and Frank Sinatra but time will tell who actually goes through with the show.

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