The Video Visitation Technology Of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is an American company that specializes in non-profit technology for prisons. They began in 1986 and their corporate headquarters is in Texas. About one thousand individuals are employees by Securus. They are also contracted with over twenty-six hundred separate facilities for corrections throughout the United States. In the last three years, Securus has made investments totaling over $600 million dollars in technology.


Securus Technologies has begun a campaign promoting the benefits of having video visitation available on a remote basis for inmates in the United States. Commercial highlighting this ability will be seen for the next thirty days. This negates the need for families and friends to have to make the drive to the prison. This technology is able to allow fathers to see their sons for Christmas and daughters to receive help with difficult homework. Father’s can actually watch their children grow with this technology.



There are adversaries to these remote visits because they lack the understanding of what it feels like to be incarcerated and not have this option available. They have not taken into consideration the time it takes to drive to the prison, the cost, the time spent waiting in a line and the expenditure for parking. This is not Skype, it is a service built on a technology that is safe, partially because it requires registration. The technology is in such a high demand, it is being used to connect 160,000 of these visits each month and is doubling every single year. The visitation via video has one-hundred-seventy-eight agencies in the United States offering this technology. Mobile applications can be used for this as well and 110,000 visits have been connected this way with a price of just $2.72 a visit.






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