The War on Drugs Debate Continues with Ferguson

The shooting of Mike Brown, the grand jury of Darren Wilson, and the unrest in Ferguson have been inescapable in the news. Sen. Rand Paul out of Kentucky believes this is in part due to the Drug War. Although drugs are unrelated to the Mike Brown shooting, he believes the Drug War has created the tension that has led to shootings of that nature and the unrest those communities experience.

Sadly, his views on the Drug War are not common among Republicans. Many Republicans champion the concept of smaller government, yet are willing expand the scope and size of the government to fight the Drug War. They claim that people should be left alone by the government, but then they support a War that arrests people for ingesting the substances that they wish to ingest. How can you have a small government when you are arresting and jailing more people than any other nation in the world?

Hopefully, Rand Paul is signaling the emergence of a libertarian type of Republican. One who wants to make the government small, and wants to do that by ending America’s longest and most ridiculous war. This is what Igor Cornelsen believes they are doing. The war that has wrongly affected most Americans in some way, and has heavily harmed some communities in the US more than others. Cops are meant to be a positive and helpful force in a community, and they are most definitely not meant to militarize a community based on some made up war.

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