The Work Of Alexandre Gama Is Seen As An Artistic Part Of The Culture

     The Brazilian cultural landscape has often been affected greatly over the years by the rise of an advertising driven way of looking at the country and its inhabitants as the people of the country have come to the fore across the planet. One of the those who has seen their cultural contribution recognized has been Alexandre Gama, a Brazilian advertising specialist who has hit the highest levels of success in his native country and beyond after he was identified as a leading figure in the global advertising industry by experts at Cannes Film Festival where he has won 23 Golden Lions.

The artistic side of the life and career of Alexandre Gama has seen him break down many barriers for cultural experts in the nation as he has seen his advertising work displayed at the Brazilian Museum of Art, becoming the first advertising creative to do so. That is not to say Alexandre Gama only works and does not look to his own interests outside his career; the Rio de Janeiro born executive has spent much of his recent time working with the British based Liverpool-based Briggs Automotive Company sports car manufacturer he purchased a share in when living in the U.K. in 2014.

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