These Rappers And Singers Are Part Of The LGBT Community


The rap and hip-hop community isn’t exactly known to be full of or the most friendly to people who identify themselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. However, thanks to some brave rap and hip-hop artists who are now coming out as LGBT, such people are now getting more and more widely accepted in the rap and hip-hop community Below I describe some rappers who identify as LGBT that you may have never even known before or about.


Johnny McGovern is a rapper, comedian and musician from New York City who performs openly gay rap. His nickname is the “Gay Pimp”. Many of his albums are inspired by and have to do with his homosexuality. Some of the albums along this line include Gays Gone Wild, Dirty Gay Hits and The Gayest of all Time.


Cazwell is a rapper from Worcester, Massachusetts who identifies as being gay and is open about it. He performs both rap, hip-hop and a new genre that is coined LGBT hip-hop.


Solomon, a rapper, DJ, songwriter and music producer is an openly gay artist from New York City. He was the first openly gay rap artist that was put on air on the Radio Shade 45 station, which is an uncensored rap radio station owned by rapper Eminem.


The artist known as Katastrophe was the first rap artist who came out as being openly transgender. Katastrophe often sings about the struggles faced by the LGBT community in his music. He also incorporates his own transgender identity into his music.

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