Two Waitresses Get The Tip Of A Lifetime

It is easy to say that good service is hard to find, many workers in the food and service industry are in their position out of necessity rather than a love for hospitality. We have all had that one waiter or waitress that scowls at you, screws up your order, and then expects a huge tip for her lack of efforts. On the other hand there are so many talented individuals that perform at 100% during every shift and want their customers to leave their tables happy and satisfied. Robert Ellsworth patronized a restaurant named Donohue’s, pretty much twice daily for years. Everyone knew him by name and exactly what his order would be. When he passed away, according to attorney Brian Torchin, two waitresses were surprised to find that he had included them into his will, gifting them each with a whopping $50,000 combined total. Now that is a seriously awesome reward for excellent service.

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