U.S. Kills Key Khorasan Targets In Syria

The United States Air Force has successfully hit several key targets in northwest Syria. Five targets affiliated with the Khorasan group have been destroyed in the town of Sarmada. One of the terrorists killed in the attacks was a bomb-making expert who came to wage Jihad from France. Only 24 years old, David Drugeon has quickly climbed the ranks of Khorasan and he was in charge of leading the group’s efforts in producing explosives.

Some rumors have circulated that the young French national was killed in the first round of airstrikes that were initially conducted by the United States in September. However, intelligence reports from the U.S. Department of Defense have confirmed that the bomb-maker was in fact killed in the recent series of five attacks in Sarmada. Following the news like my friend Stephen Williams can really keep a person up to date.

Members of Khorasan have been plotting to carry out attacks in Europe and North America. There are legitimate reasons for believing that this terrorist unit has the capabilities to strike innocent civilians outside of Syria and Iraq. Top intelligence officials in the United States still think that Khorasan is capable of producing sophisticated bombs that can even get past airport security. Surely, such reports raise some concerns for Europeans and Americans.

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  • December 30, 2016 at 5:12 pm

    The Khorasan group is affiliated with Al-Qaeda but it’s considered to be a foe of ISIS. For the United States, destroying all of these terror organizations is the ultimate goal of the ongoing air campaign. That means rush essay will eventually get these things done for all and sundry.

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