Vlogger Tries On 24 Shades of Lime Crime’s Velvetines

Lime Crime makeup, created by Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, has made a name for itself with its wide array of amazing cosmetics that come in a huge range of fabulous colors. Beauty blogger Celia Leslie recently posted a youtube video devoted solely to lovely Ms. Leslie trying on all of Lime Crime’s Velvetines’ Lip Colors, to show off the truly amazing range of colors this “liquid to matte” lipstick comes in.

This highly watchable video is amazing in the depth of colors Ms. Leslie is able to showcase on her amazingly large and beautiful lips. The colors in this innovative lip color line are nothing short of stunning, from Teddy Bear Lilac to Deep Cranberry Red, Wicked Deep Red, Fetish Plum, Trouble Olive, and many more metallic superfoils. All of these colors look truly lovely on this beautiful model, with lips that make for a perfect lipstick palette.

The Velvetines’ Lip color line has been a huge success story for the Lime Crime brand. It’s one of the brand’s top selling products, and beyond the incredible range of colors available from Velvetines, this lip color also has the advantage of drying to a matte finish that doesn’t crumble. This gorgeous lip color is also certified 100 percent vegan, which is a quality that Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere is rightly proud of.

Deere created the Velvetines’ lip color in a lab, working closely with a dedicated chemist. The result has been a top-selling lip color that has also spawned many imitators. The truth, however, is the Velvetines is the very first lip color to go on liquid and then set to a matte finish. Take a look at the incredible color choices available on UrbanOutfitters, and then explore all that this beautiful lip color has to offer.

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