What Happened to Protect and Serve?

Proposed body cameras would be a good safeguard against police brutality but this is not the only change needed in the law enforcement community. The 1033 program and black asphalt intelligence has turned our local police into a homeland army. Police are no longer here to protect and serve but rather here as a form of crowd control. The war on drugs started the downward spiral of police interaction with the citizens they are supposed to protect. When the police are pulling people over for minor infractions and looking for reasons to send dogs through said persons car, well that breeds a fear and distrust of the law enforcement communuity. Community policing is a good start to the reform of law enforcement but the police also need to start reaching out into communities to build a rapport.

Another aspect of police reform comes from the community and its’ citizens. The police are going to need the citizenry to stop the cycle of silence. The motto, “Stop Snitching,” has crippled the ability of law enforcement to reach out to the community for information. This is a concerning trend for sure as Gianfrancesco Genoso tries to think what they could do. Getting respect requires giving respect and if the citizenry wants to be protected and served they must be complicit in the process. With a changing of the thought process by law enforcement and the citizens, America can become a safe country for all parties involved without all the contension.

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