What Keeps You Overeating

It seems that even though we workout and try to live a healthy lifestyle, we still turn towards overeating. This is what has caused a huge outbreak of obesity in our country. Even children are leading less healthy lifestyles and battling the bulge because of eating the wrong foods and eating too much of them. According to facebook.com there are a number of reasons why we overeat and continue to do so including:

While we work, watch television or play with the kids we often grab a snack to eat while we complete our tasks. This can lead to not paying attention to how much and what is being consumed. It is much healthier to sit down with a proportioned amount and enjoy each bite so you do not feel unfulfilled after the meal.

Lack Of Planning
In order to have healthy meals available each day you need to plan ahead. If you come home and don’t have a dinner option ready you are more apt to pick something unhealthy or skip a meal altogether, binging on junk or ice cream.

Eating Too Fast
We lead busy lives but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take the time to sit down and eat slowly. When we eat too fast this isn’t good for our bodies and we tend to snack more later on.

The Wrong Foods
It isn’t healthy to fill up on meat and potatoes every day. There are just as many healthy food options that allow you to fill up without overeating. Fruits and veggies can make you just as full as that sub sandwich will.

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